Meet Danny DeGeorge: 7 Kitchens’ Manager Serves New Buffet Concept

In four brief years with the Oneida Nation Enterprises, Danny DeGeorge has worked at many Turning Stone Resort Casino food and beverage outlets.

His next big assignment: restaurant manager at 7 Kitchens, our brand new buffet restaurant, which opens later this spring.

For Danny, the move is a return to a concept he knows well—he served as restaurant manager at Seasons Harvest, our former buffet, in the early part of his tenure. This time, however, the stakes (and steaks!) are bigger, and Danny is excited to rise to the occasion.

“Watching the buffet transform into this new concept and identity has been amazing to be a part of,” he said. “Our new 7 Kitchens is a state-of-the-art facility and it will focus on table service with a hands-on feel. We’ll have specialty cocktails. We’ll serve brunch. It’s still a buffet, but completely elevated. I can’t wait to open and show guests how special the experience will be.”

Guests undoubtedly will recognize Danny—In addition to 7 Kitchens, he’s also the restaurant manager at Emerald and Sushi Sushi. He also heads up our room service for the Tower and low-rise hotel. 

Before being named a restaurant manager, Danny was a captain on the Banquet team.

Prior to joining us at Turning Stone, Danny spent 13 years working at the Saranac Brewery in Utica. Employment there for Danny was a family affair—his grandfather, father, and brother all worked there during Danny’s tenure, and his brother still works on the bottling line.

Danny, who grew up in Utica, started at Saranac as a janitor and worked his way up to head brewer. He held nearly every position in the company along the way. He even worked the graveyard shift.

“I really got to see every aspect of the operation,” he said of his climb. “It really helped me get a sense of different jobs, and why it’s so important to work hard. Becoming head brewer was the best I could do, and all along I just wanted to do my best.”

Earlier in his career, Danny tended bar at some Utica restaurants and worked events at Yahnundasis Golf and Country Club. He also worked for an industrial safety supply company while he waited for a job to open at the brewery. He said these varied job experiences have helped him relate to others in subsequent roles. 

When Danny isn’t working, he said he likes to ride horses and spend time with family. He’s a big fan of tradition, and always cooks pasta with meatballs and sauce for Sunday dinner.

 “Tradition is important,” he said. We can certainly drink to that.


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