Meet Jill Caruso

(Dealer/Supervisor, TS Table Games)

Jill Caruso is a dealer/supervisor in the Turning Stone Resort Casino Poker Room and has worked for ONE for 29 years. Jill never saw herself dealing cards–she was hired as a food server and later worked as a beverage server–but said she finds dealing poker one of the most exciting and rewarding jobs she’s ever had. Here’s what Jill had to say about what keeps her work exciting.

“So many things make Turning Stone the center of the universe for poker in Upstate New York. The World Series of Poker comes every year for the Circuit event, and that is a big deal. They are so elite, from the players they attract to the way they run a tournament. A few of us went in on our days off, just so we could soak it up. For poker dealers, it doesn’t get much better than that, and I’m proud to work at a place where they want to come.

We do other events too, like the Syracuse Crunch Knockout Poker Tournament. I’m the supervisor for that one. Again, watching fans get into that, watching them talk to their favorite players around the poker table–it’s great. Everybody treats the dealers with respect, and there’s lots of opportunity to challenge yourself and grow.

Being a dealer at Turning Stone is a great job in a great place. Sometimes it’s not even like you’re working, people are just having fun. You literally couldn’t ask for anything more.”



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