Meet Sarah Simmons: Paying out Memories, One Win at a Time

Consider Sarah Simmons a memory fairy—every time she pays out another jackpot, she plays a pivotal role in a moment one lucky Turning Stone guest will remember forever.

As a slot service representative, Sarah is tasked to deliver big wins to players every day. She also is expected to help guests with machines, explain how free play works, and take guests over to TS Rewards if they want to sign up for the players’ club.

Growing up in Camden, Sarah didn’t think she’d end up in such a public-facing job. She wasn’t a people person, she was shy. Nevertheless, something about the idea of working on the casino floor intrigued her, so in 2009 at age 19 she applied for the job at Turning Stone and accepted it immediately. It was the first time she’d ever stepped foot in the building. Today, 12 years later at age 31, she’s still here.

Over time, Sarah has gotten over her shyness. Now her favorite part of the job is seeing smiles on players’ faces when they win or they understand how to play a game that has confused them.

“Sometimes just explaining a game to them and watching them get it brings me joy,” she said. “I love it when they find a game that’s new to them and they start playing it and then it becomes their favorite game.”

Another perk of the job: How active it is. Sarah participated in a fun challenge earlier this year and wore a pedometer on her shoe for a shift to see how much she walked on the job.

In the end, she ended up with more than 21,000 steps in a day, or about 11 miles.

“Who knew being a slot service rep would be a great way to stay fit?” she joked. “Some days I probably walk even more than that.”

Sarah remembers everything about one of the bigger jackpot she’s ever paid—it was just a few weeks ago. The player thought they had won $1,400 and was excited. But when Sarah told the player they had won $14,000, they were shocked. This is precisely the kind of joy she likes bringing to our guests. It’s also precisely why considering her a memory fairy is so apt.

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