Sports Book at PPC Expands to Become Sports Lounge & Restaurant

The best sports book in Bridgeport soon will become the best sports bar in the same town—a development that is likely going to make it even more fun to watch and wager simultaneously on a visit to Point Place Casino.

According to plans released late last month, The Lounge at Caesars Sports will transition into a sports bar-style restaurant, complete with betting windows and big-screen televisions.

The sit-down restaurant will debut in February and will be open from lunch to late-night every day.

Early indications are that the new restaurant will have the look and feel of Upstate Tavern at Turning Stone Resort Casino. Lounge chairs will come out and be replaced by regular restaurant tables. The menu will comprise yummy pub food from the mind of Food and Beverage Manager Dallas Schult, great craft cocktails (including boozy milkshakes), lots of local beers, and seasonal specials.

As part of this transformation, Point Place Casino’s Wicked Good Pizza outlet will close.

Jerry Marrello, Vice President of Regional Casinos, said the new venue will be utilized for other purposes, too. One example he gave: When college basketball wraps up this spring, PPC will move Rockin’ Bingo from the outdoor patio into the new sports book restaurant so more people can play.

“We can utilize the space so much better and for so many different things, once we convert it from a sports book to a regular restaurant,” Jerry said, noting there may even be live music there at some point in the future. “As a restaurant, it also opens the space to a much broader group of guests—not just sports bettors who spend the day in the books.”

Of course, the new sports bar-style restaurant still will offer opportunities to bet on sports. Now it will just be more comfortable as guests watch the wagers play out.


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