The Little Things Make a Rewarding Career in Golf

Assistant Golf Pro Ryan McGinnis learned to love golf as a kid at his aunt’s golf course, where he’d accompany his mother to work and stay the whole day. Today, he works with Turning Stone guests to improve their swings and spends his time either teaching, fitting for clubs, or running programs at the Golf Dome. 

Ryan estimates he has spent more than half his life on golf greens and working as part of Turning Stone’s golf team is a point of pride.

“One of our biggest slogans around here is, ‘If it’s not perfect, it’s not right,” he said. “What I love about this place is that the commitment to that slogan starts the moment a guest pulls up to bag drop. Our bag drop team always provides a moment of truth for guests, getting them onto their carts, moving them into the pro shop. The little things go a long way.”

He also runs our PGA Hope program, which offers golf lessons to military veterans. This year, he’ll help more than 130 vets enjoy the game, bringing the total number of former servicemen and women the program has helped to more than 500 in five years.

The little things count in this part of his work too, where he makes time to get to know program participants.  

“We talk about golf and life,” said Ryan. “It’s nice to be there for them as they are there for us, fighting to keep us safe.”

That commitment to taking care of others fuels his passion for his work as much as his love for golf. “It’s important to the Oneida people to take care of others,” he said. “That’s definitely one of the main reasons I’m proud to support them every day at work.”


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