We Have You Covered: New Deck Awning at The Lake House

Rain and sunburns don’t stand a chance against the new patio awning in the works at The Lake House at Sylvan Beach.

The awning, set to be installed over the next few weeks, will cover most of the patio—already one of the most beautiful spots on Oneida Lake to sit and enjoy a craft cocktail or delicious meal while taking in the sunset. It will be ready when the patio opens for the season Memorial Day weekend.

Technically speaking, the awning is more than 60 feet long, making it the largest patio cover in Central New York.

Guests who sit under the new awning will be protected completely from the elements and UV rays.

“The new awning will enhance what is already one of the best experiences in Central New York—sitting on our patio and soaking up the view,” said Jerry Marrello, vice president of regional casino operations for ONE. “This is something we’ve dreamed of doing for a long time and we’re excited it’s finally going to happen in time for the 2023 summer season.”

According to Jerry, the new awning is automatically responsive, which means it will close on its own as soon as there’s a threat of rain.

Of course, the awning also can be operated manually, in case guests want cover without a storm.

The awning installation also has resulted in the addition of several new fans—each designed to assist with air circulation on the patio. The fans can operate independently of the awning, and also are designed to work when the awning is closed, adding to overall comfort for guests.

Jerry said these improvements reflect a commitment to provide the best amenities for guests.

“We take guest experience very seriously,” he said. “The more comfortable our guests are when they’re dining or drinking with us, the more comfortable we are, too.”


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