Oneida Nation Enterprises, LLC. Supply Chain

Welcome current and prospective suppliers! You can now find information related to delivery locations and operations information. Plus how to reach out to us about becoming a supplier, categories of what we buy and some points we look for in our supplier partners.


About Us

The Supply Chain team is made up of over 50 dedicated professionals supporting the Oneida Nation and its enterprises. 

The Procurement and Sourcing team handles the daily procurement of goods and services to strategic sourcing events for long term contracts for all of our resorts and businesses. You will find a list of categories we source within this site ranging from food and beverage items, to services for snow removal, construction trades, custom metal work, janitorial items, guest room items and everything in between. This gives our partners the ability to do their best work.

Our Warehouse & Distribution team handles deliveries and distribution from our two primary warehouses and many Nation Services including your favorite casinos, Sav-On Convenience Stores, Maple Leaf Markets and more.


Our key expectations for our suppliers include...

  • Commitment to quality products and services
  • Competitive pricing (This does not mean low price wins. We review the whole package quality, timeliness/reliability, guest impact and other key factors all play a part in decisions)
  • Ability to add value and offer comparable alternatives. Look and think outside the box
  • Financial stability
  • Proven track record of successful performance
  • Risk management standards, food suppliers ensure food safety standards on every delivery
  • Business integrity and ethics
  • Technology capability and ability to conduct business electronically
  • Great communication starting with bid through delivery and payment
  • Quickly raises issues and partners with us to resolve
  • Customer Service oriented – We view our supply chain as an extension of our hospitality to our guests.
  • Experts in their field and business – Be a resource to our organization related to new products, possible changes and partner to share the knowledge with our team.
  • Reliable in communication and deliveries
  • Quality control methods and practices
  • Suppliers who perform services arrive on property in professional uniform and act in accordance with our team member guest service standards.


Becoming A Supplier

As a Procurement and Sourcing team we are always seeking potential new partners to discover and possibly work with. We are a very dynamic and fast paced organization and need quality likeminded suppliers to support our entities and projects.

Below are the basic first steps to reach out and some required documents needed in the future to set your business up as one of our supplier partners.



View the sample list of items procured by Oneida Nation Enterprises

Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, dry goods, produce, frozen products, bakery items, canned goods, condiments, ethnic foods, specialty items

Tea, liquor, wine, beer, water, coffee, juices 

Housekeeping, office supplies, audio visual, sound and lighting, banquets, computer and peripherals, security/surveillance, cell phones, marina, signage, restaurant

Gaming supplies i.e. cards and dice, printed tickets (TITO), various forms

Artwork, carpeting, drapery, furniture, glass/mirror, upholstery, wall coverings, floor coverings

China, glassware, flatware, guest room and restaurant linens, uniforms, cleaning chemicals, guest room amenities, F&B disposables logoed & non-logoed, hotel supplies, kitchen supplies, spa supplies 

Maintenance and repair supplies, tools, heavy equipment, HVAC and electrical contractors and supplies, roofing contractors

Accessories, sundries, art and souvenirs, gift/ holiday specialty items, Native American jewelry

Architects, engineers, general contractors, road repair/paving,

Consulting, staffing, advertising, printing, repairs and maintenance, janitorial, shipping and freight, snow removal, vehicle purchases, commercial laundering and dry cleaning, walk off mat rentals, uniform rental and cleaning

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